Xarelto Dangers

Xarelto contains Rivaroxaban. It is one of the latest anticoagulants or blood thinners that are out there in the market. It is an oral medication drug which has been manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Johnson & Johnson’s and Bayer’s, based in New Jersey, United States of America. It was manufactured solely for its therapeutic use of preventing dangerous clotting of blood that can hinder the flow of blood to vital organs in the body. Xarelto is a new kind of anticoagulant that is generally prescribed in uniform doses unlike other anticoagulants that need physicians to prescribe particular dosage for every individual.

This drug was approved by the Food & Drug Administration for specific use in cases of hip or knee replacement surgeries in order to bring down the risk of blood clotting and reducing the chance of stroke in patients who suffer with arterial fibrillation. Since then, it has been used in such cases and also to treat pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis cases.

Xarelto has gone through a rough journey where some patients have suffered drastic side effects, resulting in several lawsuits that have been filed against this drug’s manufacturers. What are the Xarelto dangers faced by its users?

Xarelto Dangers that cannot be ignored

One of the severest Xarelto dangers is the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. When such internal bleeding results near major vital organs like the brain, kidney or the lungs, then the normal flow of blood to these organs gets interrupted. It causes the patients to lose partial functionality of these vital organs. Blood clots may form within the body, causing various other health risks. As Xarelto is principally a drug to prevent clotting of blood, any haemorrhaging that occurs within the body is likely to continue till the drug is totally flushed out of the patients’ system.

The irony with Xarelto that doctors have prescribed this blood thinner to prevent clotting and protecting patients from strokes; yet, what they do not make it clear is that this drug may cause internal bleeding that may become irreversible, leading to hospitalization and in some cases, fatalities. The lawsuits that have been filed against the manufacturers of this drug state that they have failed in warning the general public about Xarelto dangers and its severe side effects and they also indicate that there are many people who want this drug to be taken out of the pharmaceutical market.

It has to be noted that there is no antidote present for Xarelto dangers, particularly for the one that leads to uncontrolled bleeding. The drug is not easy to flush out of a patient’s system by means of dialysis. This makes it difficult for many physicians to treat patients suffering from such conditions in the emergency rooms after taking Xarelto.

 Other Xarelto Dangers

This anticoagulant has several other severe side effects. Though this type of medication is intended to stop clotting and prevent strokes and heart attacks, some patients may be at risk with serious blood clotting. Patients who have the highest risk of clotting are those that have gone through knee and hip replacement surgeries as per reports from Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Other patients who have been given spinal injections are also at an elevated risk towards a buildup of blood clots. Various other Xarelto dangers include brain haemorrhage, abdominal bleeding, reduction in the levels of platelets and abnormal functioning of liver.

Xarelto dangers include complications arising out of wound infections

It has been observed by many orthopaedic surgeons that their patients who have taken Xarelto after a hip or knee replacement surgery may have to come back to them in the operation rooms for removing the implants and to go through an extensive antibiotic therapy for several months. This is due to severe infections in the wounds and leakage. As per these surgeons, people who consume Xarelto are in danger of facing four times the risk of complications after surgery.

For this reason, many doctors are now recommending patients who have kidney or liver ailments and pregnant women to avoid taking Xarelto. It has also been observed that Xarelto dangers include an expansive list of various drug interactions that may lead to serious problems of internal bleeding. This could go on to become serious with haemorrhagic shock or brain damage.